Monday, January 21, 2013

Rye whiskey, rye whiskey...

There is nothing more inane then a premier blog post.  So...

Rye whiskey, rye whiskey
Rye whiskey I cry
If I don't get rye whiskey,
I surely will die.

Jack o' diamonds, jack o' diamonds
I know you of old
You've robbed my poor pockets
of silver and gold.

I'll eat when I'm hungry
I'll drink when I'm dry
If the hard times don't kill me
I'll lay down and die.

I'll tune up my fiddle
and rosin my bow
I'll make myself welcome
wherever I go.

If the ocean was whiskey
and I was a duck
I'd dive to the bottom
and take one sweet suck.

But the ocean ain't whiskey
and I ain't a duck
So we'll round up the cattle
and then we'll get drunk.

My foot's in the stirrup,
My bridle's in hand
I'm leaving sweet Lillie,
The fairest in the land.

Her parents don't like me
They say I'm too poor
They say I'm unworthy
To enter her door.

I'll drink my own whiskey
I'll drink my own wine
Some ten thousand bottles
I've killed in my time.

Way up on Clinch mountain
I wander alone
I'm as drunk as the devil
Oh, let me alone.

You may boast of knowledge
And brag on your sense
Twill all be forgotten
A hundred years hence.

Rye whiskey, rye whiskey
You're no friend to me
You killed my poor daddy
God damn you try me.

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