Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Many delays.

I held off on posting while I wrapped up the bathroom renovation.  Not that there was a lot of studio time available anyway, what with the Fall semester getting under way and all.

At last my schedule has opened up, and I can get some enjoyable work done.  The large loom is ready to be dressed, and a pair of very large weavings with painted warp will be under way soon (after two years of planning and procrastinating).

Many books have been made or are in the making.  Some with papers printed under Velma's tutelage, some printed solo.  Some from joomchi, even.  I'm fond of the stationer's binding.

Above and below, machine-made kozo pages, ogura lace cover, machine-made pre-printed kozo tapes. I like the wrinkles, so they stay.

Below, joomchi pages (good hanji from Paper Connection), cheap kozo tapes.

Lastly, a medium-sized fellow assembled from several odd joomchi samples.

Oh, and the indigo rallied, yielding about a bushel of fresh leaves.


  1. wow! wonderful books and very good work! it's grand to see what you've done here and i wait expectantly for photos of the loom piece(s). i love the exposed tapes with those tiny marks. and the joomchi book is FUN.

  2. love this kind of productivity! so satisfying to organize samples and hooray for indigo!