Sunday, May 10, 2015

What did you do this week?

No time for pictures lately, so you'll need to make do with this current photo of the indigo.

What did I do this week?  In no particular order...
-moved 5 yards of dirt by hand
-reconfigured the garden to make use of the dead space between the beds
-bore-sighted a pair of ARs that haven't been to the range yet
-ripped the decking off the boat (too heavy!)
-sanded & repainted the boat
-picked up new herbs to replace the ones that were choked out by mint
-helped Michelle build a birdhouse for Mother's day
-picked up a sick Michelle from school
-bought a new suit (loooooooove it!)
-rebuilt the IFAKs
-began the arduous task of sorting things for our yard sale later this month

The new plum trees have been in for a few weeks, and are covered in leaf buds.  They have been surrounded with an eight foot fence to keep the evil (but delicious) deer away.  Said fence proved useless in regards to my neighbor's overzealous dog, however.  The replacement strawberries are beginning to send runners.  It looks like a rainy week ahead, so it's unlikely anything will go into the garden just yet.  Although, I'll try to get the new herbs that are known runners into pots anyway (no more crowding other plants...).

WORKSHOPS! WORKSHOPS! WORKSHOPS!  My two day joomchi workshop at the Morgan is June 6th & 7th.  I'll also be doing a pair of weeklong weaving intensives at Praxis Fiber Workshop (in partnership with CIA).  Under the banner "Everything Awesome About Warps & Wefts", week one will focus on ikat (painted warp) and week two will focus on kasuri (painted weft).  The classes may be taken singularly or as a pair, and are suitable for weavers of all skill levels...from novice to expert.  Week one (Warp) runs June 8th to 12th.  Week two (Weft) runs June 15th to 19th.  I'll give a more thorough report next time.

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  1. so, bill, you've been a bit busy?! am i to understand that you plant fruit trees to entice deer for fall harvest of venison? anyway, i got tired reading your list and took a little nap...