Thursday, September 24, 2015


It's been awhile.  I forgot I even did these sheets of paper back at the beginning of June.  I guess Summer was busier than I thought.

We went to Illinois to see family.  Someone enjoyed swimming...

...And caught many fish with Grandpa.

I dyed some wool and (what turned out to be) cotton with fresh leaf indigo.  Sarah G is in town as a visiting artist for SEM, and she had some tips for getting a deep blue using the Rita Buchanan method.
Hopefully my indigo is still viable.  I haven't even looked at it in a couple of weeks.

Tapestry time!

There was a great show of work from CIA Fiber Alumni at Praxis Fiber Workshop...including this interactive work with Brittany Campbell.

I finished some work that had been hanging around for a bit...of course, there's much more to do.

First grade began.

Felt-making happened with the SEM Intro class.

Another tooth disappeared.

I built this beautiful machine from scratch.  Milled the lower receiver myself, even.  Everything is operational, but I need a free day to run to the range and verify.  It's amazingly satisfying learning how something is made (and functions) from the ground up.  For the nerds:  80% Arms lower...PSA barreled upper, bcg, and lpk...MOE furniture.

Also, my library seems to keep expanding.  This is the August/September selection.  The stuff that Batsford is putting out is really nice.  Several people I'm acquainted with are represented in these books...but I'm still surprised they haven't included Velma.

And now we wait for the window and siding guys to do their respective jobs.


  1. i think you were a little bit busy, bill! lovely to see your doings, and those beautiful (absent) teeth. how much does the fairy bring these days? thanks for the vote of confidence, too.

  2. Too right, Velma! I didn't realize how much had occured over the summer until I started uploading photos.
    Around these parts the tooth fairy has the exchange rate pegged at a firm dollar per tooth. Although, I've heard tell of her bringing as much as ten per tooth in other parts of the country...I think they may be accounting for fiat inflation, whereas we prefer a true gold standard.
    And I really am surprised that you weren't included in some of those books...especially when a few of the featured artists have been your students. Good for them anyway...they're all talented people and friendly to boot.

    1. sweet, bill.( (just got back round over here) well, in my day a tooth was worth a dime.