Monday, June 5, 2017

FAQs & Facts

I haven't updated in a long while.  Why?  I don't feel a compulsion to post just for the sake of maintaining an internet, I didn't feel like anything especially interesting happened.

After ten years and no improvement beyond single-semester employment, I refused my contract from CIA.  My ".edu" e-mail address is no longer active, so anyone trying to reach me should use "".

Whatever shall I do with my immense amount of free time?  Shuttle the helper monkey between swimming and ice skating.  Attack the never-ending, ever-growing list of home improvement projects.  Constantly make things.  Refine the shop.  Build a foundry.

I'll also be teaching workshops, but not until the 2018 season.  Some will be at the standard venues, but others will be small, backyard classes that I host.  The backyard option will allow for a greater variety of topics.  Anyone interested in classes, please shoot me a message.

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