Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Part three of A Mended History in Six Parts is done, and part four is nearly complete.  However, problems with my wrist have slowed me down.

I managed to get some OK-quality shots of my work from the faculty show, but what a chore.  These things are difficult enough to document in ideal conditions (the weave structures play havoc with the camera lens...especially at a distance), but the incandescents in the gallery are waaaaayyyyyy too orange.

Even with my white balance pushed all the way to the blue most of the images are on the warm side.

And other shots just pushed too bright.  It's definitely a finesse game.  There's just no beating the option of shooting this type of work in full daylight.  Although, even that doesn't solve the issue of the weave structures throwing the image out of focus at a distance.

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