Monday, January 27, 2014

Cold & Glut

It's time to order more paper.  I'm down to my last few sheets of Thai Unryu...unfortunately, my regular source has reduced their color selection and doubled some of my "go-to" colors are no longer an option.  Plus I need to get paper ordered for the upcoming glut of joomchi workshops.  I ordered late last year in anticipation of only teaching one...but I'm already up to three, and it's only the end of January.  It's a nice problem to have, and I hope to add at least one more.

Doing some advanced prep this weekend for the aforementioned joomchi workshops, I tore down the hanji I got from Paper Connection.  It costs a bit more than the Unryu, so the students will only get a half sheet of each color. Of course, I need to order more of that too.

I took the time on Saturday to rinse the rest of the shibori joomchi (after unbinding too soon in a fog).  Some kept a decent amount of pattern, but most lost the delineation of the bindings.  The surfaces look a little worse for wear too...but I see many of these finding a future home.

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