Thursday, January 16, 2014


No, my 5 year old does not have glasses.  Those are for me and my old eyes.  More than two weeks since the last update, but I've been simultaneously fighting a cold and starting the Spring semester.

Things are off to a good start, but plenty of prep work for my class at Kent State.  I've had to prepare several new demonstrations since it's a repeat pattern only class...but the upside is that I will have six new repeat samples by the end of the semester.

I also spun off three fat skeins of turquoise/white yarn this week.  I wish I could have kept the spinning wheel longer, but I have a student that needs it.  Definitely have to get one of my own.  I'll just add that to the list right after the submarine and cyborg velociraptor.

There are still seats available for both of my Endangered Studies classes offered by CIA's Continuing Ed program (actually, nearly all of the seats...).  If you've been waiting to take a felt-making or tapestry weaving class, this is your chance.

And it looks like I'll be doing a two day joomchi workshop at the Morgan in late July.  And they've invited me to participate in a show this year.  And there's something big in the works for Spring 2015.  And...

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