Friday, January 24, 2014


Did a lot of dyed joomchi this week, using up all of my pre-made sheets that I had laying around.  The results were great...nice strong colors...good pattern definition...lots of fun textures.  It was easy enough to do:  just bind the softened joomchi like one would for shibori, apply the dye directly, dry, and...

...that's where I screwed up.  I forgot to rinse the excess dye before I untied them.  But they have to be rinsed to avoid giving off dangerous particulate matter, so I washed a few sheets after dinner today (below).  The result is a major loss of definition in the patterns.  The turquoise did fairly well, but the red bled profusely.  I haven't rinsed any of the black yet.

They're not a total wash (pun)...I'm sure they will be used somewhere along the line.  In the meantime, I'll need to run a new batch this week so I have some with good pattern definition and they retain those awesome textures.

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