Thursday, April 10, 2014

Odds & Ends & Odds

The ConEd evening classes have finally wrapped up.  Above is a mediocre-quality detail of a nuno-felt piece.  The iPhone could use a macro lens and some image stabilization...

Saturday brought the first joomchi workshop of the season.  Students working studiously, above and below.  A few familiar faces from past workshops were present...including one woman who took my very first joomchi workshop back in 2008.  I found it very satisfying when she pointed out how much the course material has evolved since that first try.  And one could hardly ask for a better teaching neighbor.

Below, one of the two ubiquitous sample tables.  I always feel like I should have more samples.

And I pulled-off a tidy little four-color repeat pattern demo for my class at KSU.

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  1. 1. Thanks! It was great to be safe on your turf so I knew where to find stuff and get the details on room temperature &c. Extra thanks for letting us snag the misters.

    2. What a treat to have a repeat student! And have them reflect back how much you have grown.