Wednesday, April 30, 2014


The indigo has sprouted.  A couple hundred seeds is certainly a lot less than the ounce I tried two years ago.  Unfortunately Rowland didn't have any extra to sell this year.  My goal is to get a sufficient number of seeds to spread the love locally next season.  Fingers crossed.

I've also got veggies, toraji (balloon flower), and black Hollyhock sprouting.

Above is something new in progress.  As always I seem to have a dozen or so things in progress.  I'm not allowing myself to start anything new until the current projects are wrapped.  I need to clear off the work tables before I leave for Korea.

Below, a detail from a finished piece for the Morgan's Revive and Renew exhibition.

Thanks to Bunny for the Italian treats, and to Dean for the Nepalese textile!

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