Sunday, February 1, 2015

Past Due

I have been more than remiss in keeping this up to date recently.  Frankly, I would rather be doing other things than sitting in front of this glowing it hasn't been a priority.

Some additional photos from where we last left off...

The one below is a student's work...

...And more of mine.  We were very fortunate that Kevin finally brought me a bucket of often-promised walnuts.  With all the good rusty iron in the pot we had juicy browns and blacks.

Indigo seeds arrived from Roland & Chinami, so it must be time to start thinking about the garden.

The helper-monkey had a fiber-tastic birthday and Christmas.  Here she is (sans two front teeth) working on her first weaving!

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  1. i got my seeds, too. maybe spring IS going to return. i have no fascinating monkeys keeping me otherwise employed.