Thursday, March 5, 2015

Two miles per hour...

Studio progress has been slow, but it's progress just the same.  The pace seems to be picking up with the promise of warmer it does every year.  Both looms are sleighed.  Now on to threading, etcetera.  The wide weaving (above) has spent three years moving steadily through the planning stages...including a false start in late 2013.  I need to complete two 5'x12' warps on the biggun' before I can assemble that piece.  The smaller loom (only a measly 3'x9'...) will provide a component for an undeveloped piece.  In an effort to increase productivity (and to guarantee studio time) I've given myself a weekly quota of two hours (minimum) on the loom(s).

This season's Shibori class wraps up next week.  Above is a small corner of some yardage I reworked ( was first dyed seven years ago).  This class has yielded a nice little bunch of yardage that will be finding its way into some home-brew clothes for the Helper Monkey.

Speaking of classes...Praxis is opening in a few months, and I plan to offer a painted-warp weaving workshop there in June.  Keep an eye on their website and Facebook feed for updates and conformation on the opening festivities.  Also, I'll be doing another joomchi workshop at the Morgan the first weekend in June.

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