Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chasing Paper

I had a brief burst of medicine-induced energy yesterday morning, and the results proved fruitful.  There was a piece of joomchi dried around a shishigatani squash (above & below).

Also, I've long suspected that joomchi had an improved ductility over paper...and my experiment confirmed that hunch.  I prefer to keep the specifics close to the vest for now, but take a look at the picture below:

You'll notice that even though the outside dimensions of the sheet remain fairly consistent, there is a great deal of slack material in the center...nearly 3" in height!!  This shows ductility.  The problem is that unless dried on a form, the joomchi can't hold up its own weight.

I also (not pictured) turned a sheet of joomchi into momigami.  It has the drape and feel of chamois.  Softer than a bag full of bunnies.  And on that note...I need about two yards of medium gauge paper thread...anyone interested in trading some for a sheet or two of joomchi momigami?


  1. Hi, Bill !!
    Therese here (from the Morgan class with Aimee this summer (that's how I found your blog)
    I've been spinning lots of paper since that week...all sorts....what do you need ?
    I even spun some really light flax sheets (that i made !)
    Let me know if I can send you something....

  2. Therese! I need two, maybe three, yards worth. Neutral color, or pink, or red. Gauge somewhere in the 8 to 15 EPI range. Do you have anything like that? How about two large sheets of joomchi momigami in return? You can even pick the colors.

  3. okey dokey.....i can send images through to you via e-mail....that may be easier going back and forth so I know I can give you EXACTLY what you need...
    I'm at
    i just made some really cool flax thread/yarn out of paper newly-pulled...and i also have some really fine kozo that i made which spins up to a fine size as well.
    let me know if you'l be weaving it or binding a book, sewing joomchi, I can make sure it works for you.
    ooooh....momigami from Bill...wooohooo ! I'm a "natural" gal...always just natural is my fave.