Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy Harvest Moon!

Yesterday we hosted a Chuseok party (kind of Korean Thanksgiving, timed to coincide with the harvest moon).  Above is the requisite spread of too much food.  It was great seeing everyone, but I'm exhausted after two days of cooking.  Now I have to get back to my real work:  finish the A Mended History piece, submit course proposals, meet some exhibition deadlines, make momigami for Therese, and push forward with the Endangered Studies curriculum.  Oh, and I came across this interesting tidbit yesterday (from Wikipedia):

Historically and according to popular belief, Chuseok originates from gabae (hangul:가배). Gabae started during the reign of the third king of the kingdom of Silla (57 BC - AD 935), when it was a month-long weaving contest between two teams.[2][3] Come the day of Gabae, the team that had woven more cloth had won and was treated to a feast by the losing team. 

So, weavers really are at the center of everything.

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