Saturday, May 17, 2014

Annual Indigo & Paper Day

Thursday brought a plethora of cool stuff.  First, my indigo seeds from Nancy Dorrell arrived.  I bought a gallon bag full...she kindly sent about three gallons of odds-and-ends seeds.  These will just be broadcast-sewn, rather than mess with seedlings at this point in the growing season.  With a little bit of attention, these should yield a lot of dyestuff and a lot of seeds to share next year.

Evening brought dinner with friends (old & new), and Aimee brought more indigo seeds (!) and an assortment of papers.  I'll add the seeds to the intended field of indigo tomorrow...and I've already been using some of the paper for joomchi.  It seems to work well, with no surprises or weirdness to speak of...but then again, I'm the guy who can joomchi Rives BFK, so one shouldn't expect any bumps in the road.

The night wrapped up with a new friend acting as a conduit to my childhood stomping grounds, via a client of his that grew up in the same area!  Talk about bizarre.

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  1. yay for everyone involved! thanks so much for hosting, not just that night, but a piece of your garden for the summer. our paper looks so fancy rolled up like that.