Thursday, October 24, 2013

I'm so tired.

Yesterday I woke up at three, and couldn't go back to sleep.  But I did manage to make a very nice piece of plaited joomchi (above, during assembly...below, drying) and a few formed bowls (not pictured, 'cause they need some finishing work).  Somehow I forgot to take a photo of the plaited piece after it was dry...but anyway, everything stayed where it was supposed to be courtesy of secret joomchi trick #37.

Today, I was a ripped from my slumber around 5 by the purple and green light show of a transformer exploding.  Needless to say we were without power until two o'clock.  There are many trees and shrubs decimated by the many inches of snow in our yard (There goes my weekend...).

So.....I took a shot at replicating a paper rain hat.  Overall, the pleating is correct, but the cowl-like form is not historically accurate.  Also, I'm unclear on how the two edges of the paper should meet.  I can only find two images of a reproduction, and neither show how it is seamed.  But, one source refers to it folding up like a fan when not in use, so I doubt that the connection is permanent.  The helper monkey modeled it.

Then I put together a few drawstring pouches (above) made of joomchi momigami and the spun paper I got from Therese.  They work fine, although I have doubts as to their day-to-day durability.  These three are essentially meant to serve as historical replicas.  I have a couple of other formats to knock out with needle and thread that should prove far more versatile.

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