Monday, October 21, 2013

Signature sewing

Friday night the helper monkey and I went to North Chagrin Metro Park for a lecture and guided tour of Mimi Kato's installation.  It was just by chance that I ran into Jimmy Kuehnle at work and he mentioned it was the final night.  I'm glad we went, because it was spectacular.  It was quite ephemeral, so I didn't even bother trying to take photos.  Above is an artist's rendering.  I'm unclear why there is a heart, sun and numbers floating in the night sky.

Saturday saw the completion of phase one of It Mends Itself...all holes are patched.  Phase two begins today (if there is time before class).

And once again my Sunday was spent preparing samples for my classes.  I worked up several different bindings since my freshmen will begin a book project this week.  Below is the joined signatures for two very tiny books.  About an inch high, with 62 pages each.  Sadly, no time to make covers before Tuesday's class.

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