Friday, October 11, 2013

Just checking in.

I've been spinning in preparation for my Monday class.  I've always been pretty good with a drop spindle.  A few years ago I took a whack at the spinning wheel, but as soon as I saw that it wasn't going to accept the large chunks of things I wanted to put in my yarn I turned my back on it.  Until Tuesday, when Jessica gave me a few pointers.  At first it was all over-twist and potato-sized slubs (see above), but by Wednesday afternoon I was spinning perfect singles (which makes plying soooooooooo much easier).  Seriously, it was that fast.  All I had to do was accept that this was not the tool for overly chunky yarn.

Six two-ply skeins done.  A few more to spin, and then it's back to the drop spindle and the unconventional yarns.  Michelle has already earmarked the rainbow skeins above for Korean grandma.

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